As the days are getting colder and the nights are getting darker, we wanted to reach out to you now and provide some useful tips for your safety and well-being.

These safety tips apply to all of our tenants, whether you’re living in a small studio or one of our larger properties.

Here are YPP’s top safety tips for students:

1. Keep valuables out of sight

Any high-value items such as laptops, televisions and car keys need to be hidden and not left in plain sight through the window. Many of our properties have blinds, so we recommend keeping them closed while you are not home, and as well as hiding any valuable items.

2. Lock all windows and doors

This may sound simple but if you are rushing to that 9am lecture or running for the train to go home, you may accidentally forget to check doors and windows.

If you are sharing a student house or rental apartment, make sure that the last person to leave does a quick check around the property to ensure that all windows and doors are locked. Use deadlocks if you have them.Leaving the bathroom window open and forgetting could be costly, a quick scan of your apartment/house could take less than a couple of minutes.

3. Keep a light on

A cheap plug-in timer will turn lamps on and give the impression that somebody is home when your property is empty for long periods of time. You can pick up a plug-in timer for as little as £1 from most pound shops, supermarkets and hardware stores.

4. Neighbourhood watch

If you are comfortable and friendly with your neighbours then inform them that you’re going away and ask them to keep an eye on your property. You can even provide a telephone number in case they need to contact you.

You might want to join your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme by clicking here. The aim of this community force is to “Bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities” – thus helping fight crime and staying safe within the local community.

5. Follow the light

If you are walking home alone at night, stick to well-lit routes and where possible travel in numbers. Try not to venture into dark zones of the city or get lost in places that you may not be familiar with.

6. Plan ahead

Plan how you are getting home before you go out and always make sure you have some money set aside for a taxi, just in case. If you do travel by taxi, do not get into a taxi unless you have booked a licensed private taxi service or licensed Hackney Carriage.

Uber may also be a great starting point if you are a student travelling late at night, you can even share your journey with a friend. If you don’t already have an Uber account it’s worth setting one up, as new customers often get a free ride!

7. Be aware of tailgating

For residences with an external gate always be aware of anybody following behind you and ensure the gate is properly closed behind you. On site security will be available as usual where applicable. This also applies for main entrances where doors may close slowly, make sure that the door is completely shut behind you before proceeding to your apartment, even if the weather is cold and wet!

8. Don’t get caught up in technology

Students who use headphones, a smartphone or even a retro MP3 player knows that the minute you’re plugged in, you can’t help but escape and forget your surroundings! This, in essence is what you should try to avoid, when you start to find yourself becoming unaware of what’s going on around you, it’s time to consider turning the music down, putting your phone away and opening your eyes to what’s happening.

The key to getting out of a potentially dangerous situation is to see it coming. This is nearly impossible if you aren’t even aware of the situations you’re walking into.

Staying safe at university:

Each university has its own safety policies that can help keep you safe whilst you are studying. You will be able to find these on your university website.

It might be worth noting down important numbers, such as campus security and the local police, which can be found under the safety section of your university’s website.

Reporting a crime:

If a crime has happened, such as a theft incident, report this to your local police by calling 101. When you are visited by the police, you will be given a crime reference number which you need to keep safe. Please also report back to YPP with the incident, we may be able to help and provide evidence in the form of CCTV footage if available.

If you require any more information about how you can keep your apartment safe then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 0113 2444 666 or emailing

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